Warranty Condition

Warranty period as mentioned against each item.

(1Y = 350 days, 2Y = 700 Days, 3Y = 1050 Days, N/W = No Warranty)

Winsoft Technologies (Pvt), Ltd. will not be responsible for any of data as a result of any defect/repair/virus infection/replacement work done. It is strongly recommended to back up your data.

Original invoice must be produced for warranty claims and serial numbers of items must be intact with each item. If the warranty sticker or the item serial number is damaged, erased or unable to identify will void the warranty.

A period of 15 to 30 days will be required for any replacement/repair for defective items. However, every effort will be made to replace/repair within the shortest possible period.

No replacement warranty for the laptop. Only repair warranty.

The warranty on this sale is from the manufacturer or its agents only.

When a warranty, service warranty item is bought for repair only the problem mentioned will be checked and repaired, any problems unmentioned will not be considered.

Manufacturer or its agent reserves the right to replace/repair or refund with a different model of item with similar features. (Refund money will be the current market price which may differ from the purchased price and a usage charge will be de deducted which depends on the duration of usage) if during the warranty period the product is unavailable we may replace the item with higher features with an additional payment.

Warranty covered in this sale if for manufacturer’s defects only.

Manufacturer’s warranty covers only 01 Year for keyboard, mouse, earphone, any kind of power adaptors any kind of cables and battery.

Warranty does not cover for damages for items such as burn marks, pin damages, corrosion, scratch marks, damages against lightning, abnormal voltage spill of food or beverages, damages due to unauthorized tampering, natural disaster, defects caused by animals/insects etc.

Any attempt to repair by unauthorized personnel will automatically and totally annual the warranty, and no response what so ever will be taken by Winsoft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. If the warranty sticker or the item serial number is damaged, erased or unable to identify will void the warranty.

The “dead pixel policy” warranty covers for Monitor, Laptop, LCD or LED Panel for over three.

Manufacturer’s warranty also does not cover for print head units and print cartridges (Ink & Toner). 

Warranty covered in this sale is for carry-in service. Which means all defective items should be brought to our service division located at # 602/F, 4th Floor, Unity Plaza, Colombo-04, Tel: 011-4515616, Working hours of service division – 9.30am to 5.30pm. Except on Sundays and mercantile holidays.